About Us

Our History:

“To one interested in history, the old house at Brooksholm is very fascinating. Its historical importance ranks it as one of the most significant homes in Wyoming County.”

Stephen Wilkinson, a veteran of the American Revolution and one of Covington’s earliest settlers first owned the property now known as “Brooksholm”. He sold the property to Benedict Brooks in 1814. Brooks was originally from Connecticut but during the War of 1812 he was sent with his regimen to Buffalo to help quell the uprising between the Americans and British there. He liked the area so much that after being discharged he decided to settle in Pearl Creek. He built the original part of the house in 1814 and named the property Brooksholm. The old dinner bell which called the men to meals still rests in its belfry on the top of the garage.

Five generations of the Brooks family resided here and figured prominently in the development of Covington and surrounding areas. Benedict himself was a founder of the Middlebury Academy, served as a judge, and in 1821 served as a state legislator.

Benedict’s son, Hugh T. Brooks, helped many Irish immigrants settle in this area by finding residences and work during the potato famine in Ireland in the 1840’s. As an avid abolitionist, Brooksholm became a vital station (a haven where slaves could hide) known as the Covington Route. The home was part of the Covington Connection; a portion of the Underground Railroad that linked Wyoming and Genesee Counties. The Covington Connection ran from Pennsylvania into New York State, and led slaves via the east side of the Oatka, to Pavilion, to LeRoy along the present Bernd Road, then to the junction of Route 5 and Keeney Road where conductor Daniel McDonald lived.

Benedict Brooks II, grandson to the original owner, was very prominent in public issues including women’s suffrage. He was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention in 1912 where he determinedly held out for the nomination of Woodrow Wilson as candidate for President.


Where we are Today:

We take considerable pride in honoring the history of this property, which is why we kept the original name “Brooksholm.” The beauty of this location is found not only in its rich history, but also the setting in which it is located. Brooksholm is set back from the road and is surrounded by 400+ acres of farmland and woods. This affords our guests privacy and an intimate location to exchange vows and celebrate their big day.

There are various outdoor locations on the property to host your wedding ceremony, providing you with the flexibility to have a wedding that is anything but cookie-cutter. We also have a separate ceremony barn available if you prefer an indoor ceremony or if the weather does not cooperate.

While there have been updates to the property, we kept the buildings intact and kept as much of the old charm as possible. A large deck, bathrooms, heating, air conditioning, a catering area and walk-in cooler have all been added to the reception barn.

The two houses on the property will be available for use by the wedding party for their big day or to accommodate guests. There are five rooms available in the large house and three rooms available in the smaller house. Landscaping, bathrooms, and fixtures have all been updated in the houses.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience and we would be honored to host you as you begin a new chapter together!

Please reach out with any questions you may have or to inquire about booking today.